Wattpad Wedding Agreement Bab 11

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The rest is in the new marriage agreement kk… 😊 “No rice. I make pancakes,” says Tari. “It looks like we`re running out of milk. This weekend should be shopping. I saw what was in the fridge for breakfast. Yes Novelnya marriage agreement of Mbak Mia Chuzaimah “Holiday? in Bali?to what I know, rather than next month Lis? It`s very touching the plot so baper. If you would like to read his novel Please click on the link WA I ya tea, later sy you connect to the next marketing😊 I like to wonder how the real marriage, although sometimes my attitude is always rigid to it. I don`t know if I should be happy or what the circumstances are. “I also have something to tell you. I have not told anyone.

I want to share it with you. Bian is clumsy when Sarah gets close. Instead of being happy, he felt something was wrong. “You don`t need to prepare for tomorrow?” he asked. Part 20 until the end cannot be opened… It`s sad. Tari slowly massages Bian`s neck while her husband spits out his breakfast. He took eucalyptus fabric and oil. He didn`t know Bian threw up first. “Hmmm.” Bian forgets a little, but has not opened his eyes. Bian`s movements stopped, he sat down and looked at Sarah sitting next to her. “Yes”? Adrian has changed, he is again as I used to act when I saw him with Anisa. His contributing attitude, prison and also attention.

“I don`t have much time,” Tari says with a small smile. “I`ll do my best every second. Maybe we won`t see each other again after that. They went smoothly in the first month, almost unhindered. It`s just that Tari has a hard time waking up her husband for morning prayers at the mosque. In a week, maybe only once or twice. But he`s grateful, Bian doesn`t protest every time. “But I got your AV a few days ago,” says Tari. She told her husband that Pakde and Bude would come today.

please check again mbk I linknya benerkan 🙂 Bian did not respond. His stomach was bad, his head was dizzy. “I want to drive this!” cried Tari, pointing to a large boat that was swinging.