Bc Caribou Agreement

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Once the TWG has agreed to the measures (or a series of appropriate measures), the TWG may submit the proposed measures and related information to an independent expert with recognized caribou qualifications for mutual review and advice. B.c.. Statistics from the Ministry of Forestry estimate that the number of caribou in the province has increased from about 40,000 head in the last century to about 15,000. South caribu populations now have less than 3,100. The central group of the southern mountain has about 230 animals. 47. British Columbia, West Moberly and Saulteau are committed to negotiating and reaching agreement on what steps should be taken to create a co-board of directors with a consensus decision framework for the protection and operation of Caribou to replace the SCR. PRINCE GEORGE – “The conservation agreements announced today are courageous steps to support the survival and restoration of the famous mountain caribou in southern British Columbia.” The agreement protects approximately 7,500 square kilometres, including a new 2,000-square-kilometre indigenous protection zone that extends Klinse-za Provincial Park west of Chetwynd and Hudson`s Hope. Considering that these agreements may include a wide range of measures and activities to adopt conservation measures and other measures consistent with THE objectives of LA SARA, including measures to prevent the species from becoming an endangered species or to support the restoration of species in the event of a hazard. 37. BC will develop and implement a motorized recovery management plan to achieve the common recovery goal for the central group of the Southern Caribou Mountain. The development and implementation of the management plan will be conducted in conjunction with representatives of the other contracting parties and in consultation with technical experts, First Nations, local governments and snowmobile clubs.

The management plan may include limiting access to recreational vehicles in regulated residential areas, improving recreational facilities in appropriate areas, and other measures consistent with similar plans in British Columbia. READ MORE: B.C. gets agreements to protect caribou, which could make wild animal slaughter competitions unnecessary B`. C, the plan says the plan ignores the people of CountrySide B.C. who believe that the protection of caribou has been protected from their livelihoods and recreational interests. Liberals say the deal was widely negotiated without thinking from local governments and industry officials. “The recovery of Caribou is at the heart of this process,” said Chetwynd Mayor Allen Courtoreille. “Only by working together can we take meaningful steps to right caribou measurements. And yet, from the beginning, the province has excluded municipal government.┬áMountain caribou once roed the peace in large numbers. The cumulative effects of regional resource development have marginalized these animals and, as of 2019, only 219 remain in the homes of peace in the South. Forestry sector B.C said it supported efforts to fix caribou, but that the agreement will reduce the number of areas of work and harm the local economy.