Aplma Participation Agreement

Geplaatst door MCautreels op 8 april 2021

The new Asia-Pacific Loan Markets Association Australia facilities agreements could encourage offshore participation in the country`s credit markets. All of these standard loan agreements and other related documents are made available free of charge to Association members on the APLMA website. APLMA has also produced (and continues to develop) other related models to assist market participants in their day-to-day operations in the credit market. These include appointment sheets, mandate letters, confidentiality letters and secondary market transaction models (including partial holdings) under English and Hong Kong legislation. Good practice notes also include guidelines on agency functions (among others), royalty sharing, competition law, FATCA, KYC and electronic communications, and many APLMA documents contain “word notes” that help negotiate with clients. In the face of the growing influence of Chinese institutions in the APAC region, important documents have been increasingly translated into Chinese. APLMA recently launched principles to standardize project loan documentation, an important initiative that has been well received in the marketplace. At the time of the letter, it is increasingly likely that LIBOR will disappear at the end (or even before) 2021 and that some kind of RFR methodology will replace it. However, there is still a huge legacy of existing loan contracts, which need to be amended individually, and the problem grows with each passing day. It is clear that credit markets (including borrowers, lenders, agent banks and other financial intermediaries) need to prepare quickly for the decline of LIBOR, and much remains to be done. APLMA held its credit market conference in Shanghai in September 2019, in line with the association`s desire to reach several major Chinese cities.

I would like to congratulate you for publishing this very useful publication that gives the user the comparative position at a glance. This publication is very convenient for companies and professionals involved in mergers and acquisitions. Premnath Rai – PREMNATH RAI ASSOCIATES, New Delhi, India Other (and very successful) regional conferences were held in Shenzhen in January 2019 and Tianjin in March 2019.