Vmware Tools License Agreement

Geplaatst door MCautreels op 20 december 2020

VMware or an external auditor can control a customer once during normal business hours for a period of 12 months with “appropriate notification.” A customer must immediately remedy any non-compliance. If the review reveals that the customer has underpaid royalties of more than 5% or does not keep correct records of the use of the software, he must pay the VMware fee in addition to the repair fee. See VMware End License Agreement (“EULA”), Section 5. C.B.A. grants VMware the right to control a business at any time during the licence term (in order) and two years after the license expires. This provision requires the customer to keep records for up to two years after the license expires and to allow VMware to perform a software audit to ensure compliance with the license agreement. VMware does not offer support services under this C.A.C. This C.B.A. does not give you any right to update or upgrade the software, nor does it extend or extend the software developed by VMware at a later date.

VMware can offer support and subscription services separately. If you have purchased VMware support and subscription services with the software, these services will be provided to you in accordance with the terms of the support contract that will be published on the VMware website at www.vmware.com/support/, and by accepting the terms of this CLA, you agree to these terms for support contracts. All additional software codes or related hardware that VMware provides to you through support and subscription services are part of the software and are subject to the terms of this SALLE. VMware can use all the technical information you provide to VMware without restriction for all VMware commercial purposes, including support and product development. VMware does not use any information in a form that identifies you personally. The software contains third-party products, including, but not limited to, the Microsoft WinPE development tool and Microsoft® Windows® pre-installation environment, version 2005 (“Products”), which are called “software.” In addition to the license agreement provided in connection with the software, you agree to the additional licensing conditions and the following restrictions regarding your use of the Software: Yes. VMware may terminate the CLAT license for the following reasons: 3.9 Audit Rights. You keep accurate records of your use of the Software, as authorized by this CLA, for at least two (2) years from the last day that support and subscription services (“Services”) expired for the corresponding software. VMware or VMware designated persons have the right, at any time during the period, to keep these records, to check these records and computer equipment, to verify that you are using the Software in accordance with the terms of this C.A.

and that you have paid the software`s royalties and service charges. provided that VMware cannot perform more than one (1) audit over a 12-month period. You must pay VMware any arrears discovered by such a review without delay. This audit is carried out at VMware`s expense during normal business hours, provided that you will have to immediately reimburse VMware for the cost of such an audit and all costs incurred if such an audit is less than 5% (5%) I told you. the amounts you pay VMware for the period under review. Palo Alto, CA 94304, U.S.A. or e-mail info@vmware.com. Contact us to discuss with a DEE software license expert your best VMware 1.5 “Open Source Software” licensing strategy, which means different open source software components authorized under the terms of current open source licensing agreements, which are included in the materials of this software. Open source software consists of individual software components, each with its own copyright and licensing conditions.