United States Government Interagency Agreement (Iaa)

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This subsection defines the department`s policy and procedures for the development, documentation and management of interagency acquisition contracts in accordance with the Economic Act (31 U.S.C 1535, and seq. Forms 7600A and 7600B are used to enter into an agreement between federal authorities. Forms include The Terms of Sale (CGV) section and the Market Requirements and Financial Information (Contract) section. Under economic law, all conditions or restrictions on the applicant Agency`s resources applicable to the amounts of purchases apply in the same way to the inter-institutional acquisition itself or to any purchase that makes it the business. The forms of the U.S. Government Inter-Development Agreement (ILO) are used to reach an agreement between federal authorities. “Interinstitutional Acquisition Contract (IAA) means a written transaction in which a federal agency relates to personal property, real estate or services to another federal authority. PDOs typically involve a transfer of money between the two federal authorities. An Inter-Institutional Acquisition Agreement (EAIAA) of the Economic Law is a kind of inter-institutional procurement contract. (iv) inter-institutional acquisition agreements concluded on the basis of legal powers other than economic law, for example. B the State Department Basic Authorities Act, the Omnibus Diplomatic Security and Antiterrorism Act, the Foreign Assistance Act and the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act (including the section known as the Brooks Act). (i) obtaining the necessary sources; including supplies or services provided by other federal authorities, as authorized or required by law, z.B. excess and surplus inventory from other government agencies, General Administration of Services (GSA) Federal Supply Schedules, GSA Customer Supply Centers, GSA Stock Catalogs, GSA Federal Supply Service Consolidated Purchase Programs, Federal Prison Industries, Inc., National Industries for the Blind and the Government Office.

A “service agency” refers to the federal authority that, through an ILO, provides personal property, real estate or services to another federal authority. The service agency can meet the needs of the applicant agency, either directly or through the issuance of a contract, a grant or cooperation agreement. . Part 617.5 – Inter-institutional acquisitions under the ECONOMIC law FAR 17.104 (c), unless a waiver is authorized as part of the budget procedure, in coordination with the famous Office of Finance Management/Comptroller. The determination power prescribed in CADRE 17.503 is vested in the head of contracting. The survey evaluation and the results of the EAIAAs are available on the intranet under (ii): all assets acquired with the transferred funds are under the tutelage of the service agency until the expiry of the EAIAA. The disposal of these assets is in accordance with EAIAA`s terms and conditions.